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Recessed Wall Lights

In wall or brick lights are a fantastic way to make your home look ultra-modern and add some practical lighting solutions as well.


In wall lights are recessed lights that sit in the wall itself and as such do not stick out, this means they are safely out of everyone’s way but still provide lots of light.


They are ideal for lighting dark corners, highlighting features or making your home exterior look brighter. 


They are also practical and can be used to light walkways and make spending time outdoors safer and allowing you to spend longer in your garden.


Sitting back into the wall means that this lights do not pose as a tripping hazard and still provide great amounts of lights, which is especially useful for lighting steps.  They also look fantastic and give a minimalist and sleek appearance to your house.


You can use them for a number of purposes including lighting walkways and as added security features to deter thieves.  In wall lights also provide a great welcome for guests.

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LED brick lights and in wall lights are fantastic features that are commonly used on modern homes. They lend a sleek and appealing aesthetic to any home by providing large amounts of light while at the same time being practical and stylish. They tend to have a minimal look and are best used for outdoor step lights or brick wall lights. They also have a function as outdoor security lights by illuminating dark corners and since they sit into the wall do not pose a tripping hazard.  These types of home exterior lighting fixtures are versatile and welcoming to guests.

In wall and recessed brick lights can be used as outdoor patio lights, step lights, outside door lights, porch lights and are included in many recent garden lighting designs. External house lights have many different uses and in wall lights are perfect for fulfilling many of these.  They are bright and provide safety on dark nights, especially in the colder winter months. They can also be used to make your house look more contemporary and modern and if you are having any trouble trying to find the perfect in wall light for you, then please do not hesitate to get in touch!