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There are many different types of lights, from floor to ceiling, and at Ideas4Lighting, we’ve got the whole house covered. 

Whatever the type of light you are looking for, whether it is a table or desk lamp, or a floor lamp, or maybe a ceiling pendant and matching wall lights, we do them all!

Table and desk lamps are perfectly suited to light dark corners and worktops.  Small lights like these mean that you do not have to turn on the main light.  Since they are easily tucked away they also allow you to build up layers of lighting in your rooms.

They can also be easily perched on a bedside table or work desk where they are within reach should need a little extra brightness on top of your main light.

Floor lamps are also handy to add layers of lighting to your room.  They are much larger than table lamps and often come in either downlighters or uplighters

As well as these there are many different types of mounted lights, such as wall lights and ceiling lights that can act as the main lighting for your room.

These provide lots of light for when you need the whole room lit up.  Main lights can be combined with standing lamps to create layers of lighting that allow you to capture various moods in your home.

At Ideas4Lighting we have a comprehensive and wide reaching collection of products that will fulfil any lighting need you have. Feel free to browse our selection and find some inspiration for your home.

Lamps and lighting come in all different shapes and sizes with a variety of purposes and uses, but no matter what you’re looking for, we can provide it at Ideas4Lighting. No matter what type of house lighting you are looking for we have it! One of the best ways to integrate several types of lights into your home is by using light layers to build up different atmospheres and effects. Layers of light are an important part of interior lighting design as they ensure your home lighting is versatile and can be sued for different purposes. Home lighting design is important as light can have a big effect on our mood and light layering is a great way to make full use of the lights you have. Using different types of lights to create layered lighting results in a diffusion of light.  Diffused light is beneficial to you as it means you can see well and are not left I the dark by your lighting solutions. There are many different types of light and each of these can be used to effectively light your home. Floor and table lamps are free standing lamps that come in various sizes and can be used for multiple purposes.  These are perfect for adding layers of light as they can be used separately from the main light. We have many different types of floor and table lamps, from mother and child lamps, standing lamps, uplighter floor lamps, bedside table touch lamps, kids’ table lamps, study lamps, dining table lamps and reading lamps. These can be used alongside spotlights, recessed lights, track lighting, wall lights and ceiling pendants which can all be used as main lighting. Achieving home ambient lighting is possible with all different types of lights.  At Ideas4Lighting you can buy home lighting online that will brighten up any room! If you are looking any advice on how to light your home then please do not hesitate to contacts one of our advisors today!