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Every room has a different purpose.  From cooking in the kitchen to socialising in the living room, there are so many different uses and needs in each different room.


And this means you need a variety of lights that will be suitable to each room and its purpose.  Here at Ideas4Lighting we cater to every room and every need, with a comprehensive range of lights and light fittings that will carry out any job you need them for.


Whether you want bright spotlights in the kitchen to allow you to work safely with sharp knives or downlighting to create a relaxed and easy going atmosphere in the living room, we have it all. 


Lighting can do so much in a room.  It adds character and creates atmosphere and helps you to highlight certain features.  That’s why you need the right lights in each room, to really show off what it is that makes this place your home.

Lamps and lighting are a vital part of any home.  They can change the ambiance and atmosphere of any room and also provide visibility for practical tasks. Lighting at home should be well thought out and at Ideas4Lighting we have plenty of inspiration and advice on how to best plan your home lighting schemes.  On our website there is decorative interior lighting for your home and outdoor lighting ideas for your garden. We stock an impressive range of online lighting for every room.  Whether you’re shopping for hanging lights and lamps to brighten a room or both contemporary and antique lighting to set a relaxed and easy going mood, at Ideas4Lighting you have plenty of house lighting to choose from.  No matter what the purpose, we can help you out.  There are study lamps, table lamps, bedside touch lamps, kids’ lamps, reading lights, plug in night lights, event lights and many more! There are also lots of options on where you want to place your lights. We have ceiling lights, hanging lights, LED spotlights or track lighting, traditional and modern wall lights, table lights, floor lights and a vast range of outdoor lights, no matter where you want to put them, we can help you out. Once you’ve figured out place, we can also help with style.  We cover everything from Art Deco and retro to classic vintage and nautical right up to contemporary lights.  No matter what your style of home, you will be able to find something to suit it at the push of a button.  Should your home have a country style interior, or maybe an industrial and modern interior, Ideas4Lighting will be able to provide you with perfect styles of lighting. With Ideas4Lighting, every room is covered.  We have lights for your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room and hallway, you can find lights for the whole house with us! Maybe you’re renovating your kitchen or you want to update your living room lights, or maybe you want new hall decoration to welcome guests, whatever your reason or room, we can help you out! We also provide products from some of the best manufacturers and brands available including big names like Searchlight, Franklite, Oaks, Hinkley, Ansell and bell.  These are companies that we know and trust and we bring their amazing products to you at fantastic prices, with quick delivery and easy returns!