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Our Guide to US Light Bulbs

Types of Light Bulb

Selecting the correct Light Bulb can be a daunting experience with so many types, shapes, sizes and wattages which is why we've created this handy guide to help you better understand your requirement. Starting with the basics these are the main 'Types':

  • Incandescent - Traditional full power filament light bulbs - Now obsolete in the US
  • Fluorescent - Linear glass tube
  • Halogen - Miniature full power coiled filament light bulbs - Now obsolete in the US
  • CFL - Miniature compacted fluorescent not withheld to the traditional linear shape
  • LED - Electronic light diodes or 'chips'


Shapes of Light Bulb

Traditionally there are 2 shapes to be concerned with decorative lighting namely:

  • Candle/Tulip
  • Golf/Round

Candle is the preferred choice for most applications with round only used where a shade restricts the height however the general shape is purely for aesthetics. Other shapes including reflector and mushroom exist in domestic applications but these are commonly associated with recessed ceiling lights.


Making your selection

In order to select a light bulb type you will need to know the bulbholder 'cap type' which you can determine from the diagram of Common US Light Bulbs on the right. You will also need to check that the light bulb you are selecting has a Wattage less than the suggested 'Max Wattage' on the bulbholder.

Important Information

Many of our Light Fittings are imported from the EU which use a completely different range of bulb cap types, before purchasing a light fitting you should check that you have access to purchase the 110V US Equivalent Light Bulb, we suggest checking Amazon.